Sheth Devkaran Mulji Saurashtra Vishashrimali Jain Boarding, Rajkot is a jain boarding established on 18.08.1913.
Sheth Devkaran Mulji Sanghvi, though studied only up to three standard, had prospered him self in business and had realized the value of education. He was great visionary and philanthropist and had given up all his wealth to the community keeping bear minimum for his daughters and family.

Had united his own community, when educational facilities were not available in villages, built hostels for students like this boarding house in 1913 at Junagadh (His first major economic contribution to society) followed by famous Shree Mahavira Jaina Vidyalaya in 1915.

Had built up low rent community houses at Matunga and Mulund in Mumbai. Had established free ward and pathological laboratory at Sir Hurkishandas Narottamdas Hospital, Mumbai. Built Jain Temples at his home town Vanthali in Junagadh Dist. of Saurashtra and Near Malad Station in Mumbai. As part of tribute to this great man and as a celebration of centenary year of this great institution, trustees of the boarding house have decided to built an additional building in the compound of the institute at the cost of about 2.5 crore to accommodate about 80 more students to the present 120 students capacity.